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Scratch BCN Tactile

An open-source community of unplugged, tangible and inclusive Scratch.

We love the use of Scratch Jr in the classroom, especially for children in early school years as a well-loved early educational programming tool and also Scratch for students from 7+..

This is why we made an adaptation of Scratch Jr to a "tactile unplugged experience" as we want to help making Creative Computing equitable and accessible for all, and facilitate learning in different creative ways.

Once you print all the Scratch Jr-based coding blocks using a 3D printer or laser cutter, you'll be able to create any story, game, or activity you can imagine !

Join Scratch BCN Tactile and share you new ideas and designs with this global community.
Let's make coding inclusive for all!

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Inclusive creative computing

Touch, tinker, experiment and create a project.

Scratch BCN Tactile is from the community. Create your own characters, backgrounds and stories. Play with your classmates and collaborate to create something exciting and unique.

What will you create?

With Scratch BCN Tactile you can create stories, mazes, puzzles, games, projects… now unplugged (no devices needed)!

The "P's" of creative learning are:
  • Play: play and learn
  • Projects: create your own projects
  • Passion: based on your passions
  • Peers: collaborate with colleagues
  • Purpose: add meaning to your projects, improve the world!

The Scratch BCN Tactile community

Scratch BCN Touch has been tested with amazing results by educators and students in early childhood, primary, special education, visual impairment and other disabilities.
Students from the age of 10+ and educators can create objects and characters for Scratch BCN Tactile through 2D and 3D design and printing.
Scratch BCN Tactile is for everyone!
Coming soon: Lesson Plans, Activites, and other resources.
Connect and share ideas with the community.
Send us new designs, photos or ideas to share with the community


Download the complete set and print it using 3D or 2D models (both options available).
For the original models, please see the Thingiverse Oficial collection.


Download the Cat character 3D model to print.


Download the Board design to print or cut.

Coming soon

Don't loose the new resources we are sharing share june-september 2022. We'll share:

  • Coding tactile blocs
  • Backgrounds
  • Activities and Lesson Plans
  • Ideas and inspiration from the community
  • And much more...